Tradition of Korean weddings

The korean wedding tradition is a series of ceremonies that respect the couple’s families and their traditions, unlike several American weddings, which are frequently just one big party. Every detail has a unique relevance, from the attire https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/saint/st-valentine-738 to the foods to the spear and drink.

The Paebaek serves as the opening meeting. This used to be only for members of the family, but now it is accommodate customers. The bride and groom greet their new in-laws at this festival, who are seated behind chairs stocked with different foods. The symbolic jujubes ( Korean dates ) and chestnuts, which are children’s foods, are two of them. The handful gives the families their gifts and makes a serious bow. Additionally, they drink a cup of sake jointly. The brides attempt to catch them with their garments, but the in-laws finally turn the jujubes and chestnut back. According to reports, the names of the people they catch show how many sons or daughters the few likely possess.

The groom’s area sends items to the bride’s family once the commitment is final. Although they are typically home products, they can be more expensive. The bride’s mother commonly wears a gentle blue gown, while her daughter did choose a red or pink one.

The Jeonanrye, which the groom presents his upcoming mother-in-law with wild geese, is another pre-wedding tradition. This demonstrates that he will remain committed to his new spouse and that their relationship https://asiansbrides.com/korean-brides/ may last a lifetime. This is being replaced by a present of sturdy ducks now.

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