Legal Affairs in the Business World

Legal Affairs in the Business World
Yo, listen up, I got some legal advice
When it comes to business law, don’t think twice
Let’s talk about the agreement between wholesaler and retailer
Don’t sign on the dotted line unless it’s clearer
Got a business law exam coming up, need to study
Check out these MCQs for sem 3, don’t be a dummy
Wondering if elbow blocks are legal in boxing, better find out
Don’t wanna break the rules and end up with doubt
Need a hong kong company, here’s a list
Hensley Legal Group in Indiana, they’ll give you an assist
If you want to know the meaning of DPA law, take a look
In Ontario, is night fishing legal? Read the book
Don’t forget the legal aid and advisory authority, they can help
Cover letter agreement, don’t yelp
And if you’re dealing with Kenya, watch out for double taxation agreements
That’s the legal side of business, so pay attention, don’t just say okay